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Many varieties of chilli, herbs, vegetables and fruit trees are grown at Chiili Waters, evolving into two lines of product. The "From the Farm" label incorporates chilli jams and relishes, whilst the "Body & Rural" label incorporates a skincare range made from avocado.

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Body & Rural Skincare

Smooch Balm
5ml stick $8.50
15ml pot $14.95

Skin Food

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Chilli Jams & Relishes

190ml jar $9.50

3 x 55ml stack $14.95


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We USE AVOCADO oils & butter in our products because we believe that in addition to the wonderful beauty benefits listed below, you WILL be amazed at how good your skin can feel.

AVOCADOS contain a high amount of the carotenoid called Lutein. Lutein has an antioxidant effect that protects your skin from UV-B-induced damage.

AVOCADOS contain antioxidants called polyphenols. They can help kill free radicals that cause cell damage and possibly prevent premature skin ageing.

AVOCADOS contain Vitamin C which may improve the health of your skin, as well as prevent the premature formation of wrinkles. It improves the integrity of collagen by increasing its synthesis within your skin.

The fat Oleic Acid found in AVOCADOS may improve the function of your skin. This is due to Oleic Acid being a major part of human sebum, which is the fat your skin produces to help keep it soft and moist.

AVOCADOS contain the amino acid Glutamine. This helps eliminate waste products from your skin, keeping it free from toxins that can cause premature ageing.

The Folic Acid found in AVOCADOS is important in keeping you healthy. Folic Acid may improve the visual appearance of pale, washed-out skin, which can be a symptom of Folic Acid deficiency.

The fats that are found in AVOCADOS are beneficial for many reasons. Linoleic Acid is one of these, and may help keep your skin healthy as well as minimise damage.

AVOCADOS contain Vitamin E, which helps your skin's overall health. Vitamin E increases the elimination of cellular waste from your skin and increase the growth of new skin cells. It may even protect the fats within your skin, especially sebum. Not to mention improve your skin's blood circulation.

  • PLUS they are grown right here on the farm
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